Shaftesbury Trail Pedestrian Pathway Rerouted

Due to the slide risk along a portion of the Shaftesbury Trail, the sea can, which forms part of that trail, has been indefinitely closed. The trail has been rerouted, as outlined in the map. While we understand this is an inconvenience for many trail users, with the potential slide risk we can no longer guarantee the safety of the sea can. In order to ensure the safety of our trail users we ask that everyone follow the posted detour.

If you have any questions, please contact Parks & Recreation of the Community Services Department at 780-624-3204.


Q – Why don’t you just move the sea can?

A – Moving the sea can will expose a significant gap in the trail way. We are concerned that people will try to walk by the gap, which is also a dangerous option. If we develop a method to limit the risk, we may remove the sea can, however, the trail would remain closed.

Q – Why don’t you fix the trail?

A – Fixing any slumping or rockfall in the Town of Peace River is a complicated and expensive endeavour. This project is not currently part of the 2020 work program, however, the Engineering planning component is being presented for budget consideration in 2021.

Q – Do you expect me to walk on the Shaftesbury Trail roadway?

A – No, we strongly discourage walking on the Shaftesbury Trail roadway. We recognize that crossing the Shaftesbury Trail twice and rerouting through upper west peace, where there are no sidewalks, is not ideal. Unfortunately, it is the only and best option. In the long term, the town will work towards fixing or creating new pedestrian options in the area.