Sand Available for Residents

Posted February 17, 2022

Crews are continuing to try to clear as much ice as possible in order of which roads need it most; however, some sidewalks throughout neighbourhoods remain extremely icy. As our crews cannot clear the private sidewalks, pallets of sandbags have been placed at both the Centennial Parking Lot and Public Works in an effort to combat this issue. These sandbags are free and available for all residents, with the expectation that they be used solely for placement on icy walkways and sidewalks throughout neighbourhoods. There is a limit of one per household.

The possibility of community sand bins may be considered for the future, and this is a temporary solution.

Please be aware that these sandbags are separate from the stock we have on reserve for any potential future flooding.

Thank you in advance to all residents for your cooperation and consideration of all others who wish to utilize this resource.