February 14, 2022, Council Highlights

The following is a summary of decisions made by Town Council during its February 14, 2022, Regular Meeting. For an audio recording of this meeting please check the bottom of this page. The agenda and attachments are available here: Peace River – Document Center (civicweb.net)


John Middleton-Hope: Proposed Alberta Police Force

Grants to Organizations Presentations

The Town of Peace River recognizes the valuable contributions made by community organizations and volunteer groups to improve the well-being of the community and the quality of life for its residents. In recognition of these contributions, the Town is committed to providing assistance to such organizations through its municipal grant program. Support is provided each year from the Town’s operating budget to qualifying organizations through an established application process.

Each year council budgets $50,000 for these types of groups and programs. Twenty-five percent (25%) or $12,500 of the total Grants to Organizations budget will be allocated towards the Community Development category, and twenty-five percent (25%) or $12,500 of the total Grants to Organizations budget will be allocated towards the Recreation/Sport Development category. Both are considered on a quarterly basis.

Grant applications are due on the 15th day of February, May, August and November of each year.

For more information on Council grants, please click or tap on the link below.

Council Grants to Organizations

Channing Stenhouse, Johanna Downing: Peace River Library – Grants to Organizations Request

The Peace River Library is planning to do a joint program with Tapped Out Gaming, set for March 10, 2022 (a PD Day.) The program will be held at Tapped Out, with a projected total of 250-270 attendees and cost of $1500. The event would be for both library members and non-members.

Robb Stavne: Boreal Nature Network – Grants to Organizations Request

Boreal Nature Network is looking to expand their Building Better Bat Communities project, installing 2-3 bat boxes within town limits. The purpose is increase spatial delivery of community bat programming, bring conservation awareness, and help foster a relationship between human and wildlife communities that occupy the same areas.

Alberta Conservation Association is providing funding for the purchase of bat boxes as well monitoring equipment, and facilitation of data collection. Boreal Nature Network is asking for a grant of $2000 for a 1-5 year period to support the hiring of post-secondary students for the program.

Mara Needham: Springfield Parent Advisory Council – Grants to Organizations Request

The Springfield Parent Advisory Council is looking to have a new playground installed in July 2022. The total cost is $200,000 and the funds raised to date are $168,920, from a combination of business and county donations, previous revenue, donations, and other grants. This means that they have a remaining total of $31,080.

Mara Needham: Wahoos Winter Swim Club – Grants to Organizations Request

The Wahoos Winter Swim Club is holding their Peace River Invitational Swim Meet on February 26 & 27 and is looking for a grant to cover the cost of the rental of the pool for two days and the cost of lifeguards during the meet. The projected cost is $1700.

All presentations have been accepted for information.

New Business

Request for Decision re: Rescind P-41-2004-01 Water Sales-Tank Sales-Hydrant Sales Policy

Town Council rescinded the existing Water Sales/Tanks Sales/Hydrant Sales Policy P-41- 2004-01 and replaced it with a corresponding Directive (found within the same document above.)

Request for Decision re: Attendance at FCM

Town Council carried the motion that the Town of Peace River retains membership in FCM and budgets for annual Conference attendance.

Request for Decision re: Enabling Attendance at ACCPA Conference

Town Council enabled Councillors Ford and Boychuk to attend the 2022 ACCPA Conference on May 9-11 and financial support be provided through the provision of any travel costs, accommodation, or registration fees not reimbursed by ACCPA.

Request for Decision re: Community Services Board Appointments

Town Council appointed Shehzad Bandukda and Paras Shukla to the Community Services Board for three-year terms as public members at large.


Community Services Board Meeting Minutes for November, December 2021 and January 2022

2022 01 26 RCMP Community Advisory Committee Minutes

Town Council accepted both items for information.


Letter from National Police Federation re: Consultations on Provincial Police Force

Town Council accepted the item for information.

Meeting Audio

An audio recording of the meeting is available below.


Mayor & Council