River Ice Advisory

Last Updated March 31, 2022

The River Ice Advisory for the breakup of the Peace River at the Town of Peace River has ended. The thermal breakup of the Peace River ice cover occurred through the Town of Peace River on March 28.

* Original Post below, published on March 31, 2022 *

A River Ice Advisory is in place for the breakup of the Peace River at the Town of Peace River.

The thermal breakup of the Peace River ice cover is expected through the Town of Peace River (TPR) today, March 28. The ice front was located by ground observers at km 393.4 at 7:40 MST on March 28. This location is approximately 2 km upstream of the Highway 2 bridge in the Town of Peace River. The ice front is expected to continue its steady thermal retreat downstream of TPR.
Snowmelt runoff has slowed in the Smoky River basin and water levels are falling in the Smoky River and its tributaries. The ice cover on the Smoky River remains in place, but is heavily degraded due to the warm weather. There are no signs of dynamic (runoff driven) breakup in the Smoky River basin.

Air temperatures are expected to remain near seasonal this week. No significant increase in snowmelt runoff is expected.

Alberta Environment and Parks will continue to monitor river and ice conditions along the Peace River and in the Smoky Basin.

Additional information including reports, observation maps and satellite images, is available from Alberta Environment and Parks at: https://rivers.alberta.ca/.

Information from the Town of Peace River

Spring Breakup Preparations

Ahead of this year’s breakup and melt season this is what the Town of Peace River has been doing to prepare:

  • Public Works have been busy prefilling sandbags that are being prepositioned downtown. In case they are needed they will be accessible quickly.
  • All of our pumps are being checked for condition and function.
  • A new trailer-mounted diesel-powered 8” stormwater trash pump is ready, if needed.
  • A walkthrough of Pat’s Creek was completed by Town staff in early-March to check on the status and condition of the viaduct.
  • We are continuing to monitor tributaries like Pat’s Creek and the Heart River.
  • We are clearing out stormwater catch basins and culverts on an ongoing basis.

Ice Safety

The frozen river is never safe, however, this time of year it is particularly dangerous. Ice cover is unpredictable and weakened. Please do not go on the ice.

Communication During Break Up & Melt Season

Any updates related to the river break-up or high-water events will be shared on the Town’s website (peaceriver.ca), our social media, and through the Voyent Alert System. Information on how to sign up for alerts is below.

Emergency Preparedness

Break-up season is a good time for your family to review your household emergency plan and emergency kit. More info regarding emergency preparedness is linked below, or visit Get Prepared.ca for great resources on developing your plan.


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