The Work for 101 Street Storm Sewer is to upgrade a portion of the existing infrastructure. Clean and inspect the remaining infrastructure to the outfall location. Repair and upgrade slope failures and repair the asphalt road damaged by the slope failure.

RFP documents are included below:

2023-08-18 – 20GEME6067 – 101St Storm Sewer – Tender Documents – Final
2023_08_29_20GEME6067_Planset_IFT- REV 1_EX_RM

2023-08-28 – 20GEME6067 – TOPR – 101 Street Storm Sewer – Addendum #1

Posting (MM/dd/yyyy):

05:25:06 PM Alberta Time

Closing (MM/dd/yyyy):

02:00:00 PM Alberta Time

Tendering Authority Contact Information

Alisha Mody, Manager of Planning & Development
[email protected]
780-624-2574 ext. 1027