Public Notice: No Parking in Public Utility Lots

Posted October 29, 2019

In preparation for our winter maintenance program, the Town of Peace River will be ensuring that our Public Utility Lots are clear and are asking the public to remove any vehicles they may have parked on those lots.

Public Utility lots are parcels of land owned by the Town of Peace River. They may appear vacant because no development occurs but they are vacant because of the utility lines that run through them. Access to the Public Utility Lots is important for the Town to be able to access and maintain infrastructure.

Throughout the summer we issued tickets in places where vehicles or trailers were parked in Public Utility Lots. As we move into the winter maintenance, we will again be issuing tickets and or towing vehicles or trailers parked in these lots. If you are using a Public Utility Lot to park extra vehicles or trailers please move them as soon as possible, or they may be ticketed and or towed. If you are concerned you may have a vehicle parked in a Public Utility Lot and wish to confirm or find out more information, please phone (780) 624-2574.

Public Utility lots are also available on our webmap.