High River Flows

May 14, 2017
Rain in Alberta and northeast British Columbia have resulted in higher than average stream and river flows for the tributaries of the Peace River.

While water levels may overnight rise there is no flood risk at this time.

Over the next day, water levels at the Town of Peace River will likely rise. Municipal crews are on standby and the Town of Peace River is in regular contact with Alberta Environment and Parks’ (AEP) River Forecasting Centre who are monitoring the situation across the river basin carefully.

Please stay off the river at this time.

Wet conditions in the region are expected to ease over the next few days. However, in the meantime water in the river will flow faster and higher and presents a safety risk. There will also be an increase in debris floating downstream, such as trees. This combination of higher and faster water, as well as debris, makes river activities dangerous.

Info reported by AEP

  • Up to 60 mm has fallen north of the Town of Peace River since Friday evening with an unknown amount falling in the Peace River basin west of the BC/AB border.
  • Due to increased flows in the tributaries in BC, water levels on the Peace River have risen significantly over the last 24 hours.
  • There are no flooding concerns at this time.
  • No significant precipitation is expected in the province over the next 48 hours.

For more information, you can visit the Province of Alberta’s Rivers Website.