Peace River Ice Advisory For Freeze-Up

Last Updated February 1, 2021

Alberta Environment and Parks has issued an Ice Advisory for freeze-up on the Peace River at the Town of Peace River.

River levels in the Peace River at the Town of Peace River have begun to rise in response to the approaching ice front. This is a routine advisory and no problems are expected at the Town of Peace River at this time. However, there is potential for ice movements and shoving of the ice cover as it advances upstream, which could result in rapid fluctuations of the water level in the area.

Freeze-up through the Town of Peace River is expected in the next few days.

The ice front was last located by ground observation at the Hwy 986 bridge at 12:30 MST on Feb 1 (~17 km downstream of the Highway 2 bridge).

When freeze-up occurs at the Town, it is typical for the water level to rise between 2.5 to 3.5 m.

Flow releases from BC Hydro’s Peace Canyon Dam will be kept relatively constant while the ice cover advances through the Town as part of normal river ice management operations.


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