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Hot Tub Replacement
Slide Replacement
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Hot Tub Replacement

Many of you have noticed that we don’t currently have a working hot tub at the Peace River Regional Pool. Unfortunately, the hot tub sustained leaks that were significant enough that they led to the need for the entire hot tub to be replaced.

When and How Did This Start?

During the pool shutdown in 2021, staff began a process to detect leaks, having noticed the hot tub water level decreasing. Leak detection was completed in the winter of 2021, due to contractor availability.

Sadly, this process uncovered not just one, but multiple leaks. A contractor was confirmed for repairs in early 2022. During the repair process, however, additional leaks were identified, so work was stopped and the plan for the hot tub was re-evaluated.

What’s Been Done to Date

A structural engineer reviewed the areas that were exposed, and determined the basin had been compromised due to the various leaks throughout the system. As such, the engineer recommended that the hot tub be replaced.

This project is being divided into two phases:

Phase 1: Demolish the old structure. (Approved in 2022)

Phase 2: Detailed engineering design and construction of a new hot tub for installation, to start during the annual shutdown in September 2023. (Approved as part of the 2023 Capital Budget)

The Town of Peace River approved a 2023 Capital Project to address the need for hot tub replacement, with an approved budget of $490,000. This budget included the development of a detailed engineering design for the full replacement of the hot tub basin.

An engineering firm, AME Group, was contracted in April 2023 to develop the new designs, and to manage the project. An initial concept design and assessment was completed to ensure the project was financially feasible. This was reported to Council in July 2023, and the project is proceeding with detailed design for the complete replacement of the hot tub.

Challenges and Next Steps

This project has come with its fair share of challenges, which isn’t unusual when it comes to renovations.

The turnover rate for the water in the hot tub and back into the filtration tank cannot meet current code requirements, due to the size of pipes that leads from the filtration tank to the hot tub basin. Therefore, the pipes buried in the floor of the filtration room need to be replaced. Additionally, an adjacent pipe has been identified as having a leak, and will also be replaced.

As reported to Council at the August 14, 2023 public Council Meeting, the required demolition of a section of the filtration room floor, replacement of the identified pipes, and some additional concrete removal was put out for tender, with the requirement that these efforts be completed during the September 2023 shutdown. Unfortunately, no contractor could be secured for this portion of the project within the timelines requested.

Therefore, this demolition work is now being included as part of the full replacement project, and will be put out to tender in late-fall/early-winter 2023. Engineers estimate that construction will take between 4 and 6 months, though a more defined timeline will be known once all details are confirmed with a secured contractor.

Construction will occur during normal pool operations. Town of Peace River Administration has worked with the engineers to assess options to ensure that construction will result in as few pool service interruptions as possible.

There will be closures for short periods of time; however, we do not anticipate any prolonged facility shutdowns.

Slide Replacement


The support pillars for the pool slide are showing signs of deterioration, due to the infiltration of salt water. A structural engineer has reviewed the situation, and has recommended that we replace the main pillars of the slide, as well as the concrete slab under the slide.

The slide tube will also be replaced, as it is close to the end of its life. It is more cost effective to replace the entire system at once.

This project was approved as part of the 2023 Capital Budget, but in May 2023, the project was deferred to 2024. The approved budget will be updated for 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn’t the Town just replace the entire pool?

  • The estimated costs for the two capital projects are as follows:
    • Slide Replacement: $260,000.00
    • Hot Tub Replacement: $450,000.00
  • The replacement of an entire new facility is estimated to be $20 million to $30 million.

When is the slide being replaced?

  • The slide construction is planned for 2024.

Where can I find updates to these projects?

  • This project page will be updated on the progress of the projects.
  • The Peace Regional Pool Facebook page will also be a location for information and updates.


For more information on either of the pool projects please contact Tanya Bell, Director of Community Services; 780-624-1000 or by email at [email protected].