Rates, Bookings and Sponsorship

Fee Schedule Effective July 1, 2022


Family rate includes a maximum of 5 family members. There must be 1 adult and no more than 2 adults.

Lessons & Courses

Go Ahead, Book the Pool

In addition to offering swimming, and life saving courses and lessons, the Peace Regional Pool also offers a ideal venue to rent out for a large group. We also offer sponsored swims where community-minded businesses or individuals can sponsor the costs for a free community swim.

If you have questions please contact the pool at (780) 624-3720

Booking & Rental Rates

Please note: per hour fees include cost of lifeguards, please contact the pool to confirm pricing.

CategoryGST DetailsAge CategoryCost
AdultGST included18 and older$142.80*
Youth/FamilyGST includedAll Ages$102.00*
Activity Room GST includedAll Ages$25.50*
SchoolsGST may applyAll Ages$44.08 (GST may apply)
Swim Meet RateGST includedAll Ages$102.00*
Swim Clubs (Youth)GST includedIncludes Non-Joint Use$65.03*
Sponsored SwimsAdd GSTCharged to Sponsor$312.12
Sponsored SwimsAdd GSTPrime Time Rate$357.00
Single Lane RentalGST includedPrior Approval Required$17.34

Hourly Rate: Add $30.00 per guard for two or more guards.

Specialty Courses not listed will be advertised with applicable rates.