Northern HEAT Returns to Peace River

May 1, 2018
Firefighters from across Alberta will be heading to Peace River this week for the 2018 Northern HEAT Fire Conference. This annual conference, that is organized by the Peace Region Fire Chiefs, brings together some of North America’s leading fire service experts to provide training that is normally inaccessible to northern fire departments. H.E.A.T. stands for Hands on Education and Awareness Training and the 4-day conference has a mix of practical training as well as lecture style presentations. Also included is a Trade show featuring over 20 Fire industry suppliers and service providers.

The conference kicks off on May 2nd with two days of Live Fire Training at the Peace River Fire Department’s training site in the West Hill industrial area. 64 students from across Alberta will go through four different stations and experience training in Fire behavior and Flashover, advancing hoselines into buildings for interior fire attacks, firefighter self-rescue from building collapse situations and confined space, vehicle fires, industrial motors and pipe flange fires.

Then on May 4th, up to 140 firefighters will experience presentations from internationally recognized speakers on subjects including Leadership, Teamwork, Truck Operations and Reading Buildings, at the Chateau Nova Hotel in Peace River. There will also be more hands-on training at the training site dealing with Truck Operations provided by the Engine House Training Company from St. Louis County, Missouri, USA.

“So there will be quite a few firefighters in town over the next few days” said Tim Harris, Peace River Fire Chief, “please welcome them to Peace River and thank them for the work they do in keeping all our communities safe”.