Updated September 1, 2023

The 2023 Main Street Concrete Repair Project is getting underway!

What is the Town’s Main Street Concrete Repair Project?

The Main Street Concrete Repair Project is a multi-year project that replaces the brick work along Main Street, which is failing and creating hazards, with concrete. The project will also include repairs to other deficiencies within the sidewalk. The Town is working with Beairsto & Associates Engineering to engineer and manage the project.

The 2023 construction was awarded to Proform Concrete Services for $ 165,056.20.

What’s the project scope for 2023?

Tree in front of Value Drugs on Main Street Peace River.

The 2023 construction program will be from 99 Ave to 101 Ave along 100 Street (Main Street) on the east side of the street only. I.e. the block with Town Hall and the block from FYI Doctors to Scotia Bank will be affected this year. Construction drawings are linked below.

The project will include the replacement of the tree in front of Value Drugs. The current tree has been dying back over a number of years.

When will the 2023 construction start?

Project Start: Week of September 4

Project End: Mid October


Will there be impacts to access?

The contractor will be working to maintain access to all businesses along Main Street throughout the construction. Construction activities will temporarily limit access to street parking for the duration of the construction in the immediate area.

Contact for more information:

Town of Peace River: Alisha Mody, Manager of Planning and Development, Email: [email protected]

Beairsto (Engineering Consultant): Isabela Matyka, Project Manager, Email: [email protected]

Project Drawings

Associated drawings are available here:

2023 Main Street Concrete Repair Drawings