The Peace River Fire Department will be undertaking a Training Evacuation Exercise tonight (Tuesday, March 5, 2024). PLEASE READ IN FULL – THERE IS NO EMERGENCY!
Each year, the PRFD reviews the Town’s Municipal Emergency Plan, including the department’s role in potential evacuations. As part of this, the PRFD will be carrying out a practice evacuation notification to residents in a small area of Town – JUST TO REVIEW AND PRACTICE PROCEDURES.
Tonight, crews will go door-to-door in a specific area of Town, interacting with residents as if it were a real emergency evacuation (again – it’s not). The PRFD then reviews considerations such as how long it took to complete the area, any communication issues, and other pieces.
This year, the training will take place from around 7:30pm-8:30pm in the Lower West Peace area of Town (Evacuation Zones 22-26 in the photo below).
May be an image of map and text that says 'SHAFTESBURYTRAIL 21 89 ST. 22 89 ST. 90 ST. 107 AVE 91 ST2 ST. 23 24 89 ST. 192 ST. 25 91 91ST. 26 91ST 91 ST. SHAFTESBURY SHAF TRAIL'
We do not want to alarm anybody. There is no emergency.
And taking on this sort of proactive training is so important for our PRFD to be prepared to get the job done should a real emergency take place!
Interested in learning more? Check out the Federal Preparedness website here: and the Province’s preparedness site, here: