Earth Month

April 2019 is the 49th Earth Month, a month dedicated to celebrating, promoting, and protecting the Earth’s environment.

One of the goals of the Town of Peace River is to reduce landfill usage through recycling. This month we will be sharing some behind the scenes looks at our recycling system, the Peace Regional Eco Centre and the recycling process. Through collective action, we can all help the environment by reducing, reusing, and recycling.

Earth Month 2019

This year’s earth month is dedicated to plastic pollution. One of the biggest sources of plastic pollution has been the rise of single-use plastics. These represent a large number of different items, from plastic shopping bags, disposable cutlery, take-away containers, and packaging. One of the challenges with plastics, in general, is that they do not degrade well. They break down into smaller pieces of plastic and even that process takes a very long time. Once the plastic has broken down it finds it’s way into the ecosystem. You may have seen news stories about whales and other marine life washing up on shore with belly’s full of plastic. The material doesn’t break down in digestion, it collects and builds up.

Tips to Reduce Impact on the Environment


The first and most valuable step we can take is to limit the amount of plastic we use in the first place. Seeking out alternatives and avoiding the use of plastics, particularly single-use plastics, where possible is an important part.


If possible, refuse to use products that create waste. These items include plastic straws and bags or items with unnecessary or excessive packaging.


Another hugely important, yet often overlooked step is reuse. Before throwing something out consider if it may be reused or repurposed somehow. Likewise, when purchasing items, consider the possibility of buying used. This helps reduces the amount of new waste generated. The Put and Take at the Peace Regional Eco Centre, is a great spot to find previously used goods or leave something you no longer need for someone who could use it.


The Town of Peace River takes recycling seriously, which is why we implemented curbside recycling collection in 2015. This was done to help reduce the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill. A successful recycling program is a collective effort and we encourage residents to take advantage of the recycling opportunities in Peace River through. Recycling is a critical step in diverting waste from our landfill. More information on our recycling program is available at the link below, there is also our quick recycling guide.


Relearn Recycle

In partnership with the Peace Regional Eco Centre, we present Relearn Recycle, a 10 part video series produced by Peace River Broadcasting (Kix FM and River Country FM) that takes you behind the scenes of Peace River’s recycling program.

Did you know that in Peace River the blue bag curbside pickup can recycle: paper, cardboard, plastics, and metal? The Eco Centre can recycle all that, plus they can recycle glass, e-waste, and Styrofoam. Watch and see what can and can’t go in the recycling.

Learn about the history of the Eco Centre and recycling in Peace River. Watch to see how local communities, including Peace River, work together to divert waste from the landfill.

What is recycling contamination? How does it impact our ability to recycle? How can you help Peace River recycle better? Watch to find out.

You might think it’s just a dump – but the East Peace Regional Landfill is so much more than that. Watch and learn what happens to your trash after it leaves Peace River and see why recycling matters.

Watch and learn how you can reduce trash going from Peace River to the landfill through composting your organics in your own backyard!

Take out containers, straws, packaging, and much more – find out why single-use plastics are such an issue for waste management in Peace River.

Sometimes when you buy something you’ll notice an extra fee attached – what are environmental fees and what purpose do they serve? Watch and find out.

What are ‘Extended Producer Responsibility Fees’ and what role do they play in recycling? Watch and learn about this important incentive program.

Transfer stations, landfills, and the eco-centre all play a role in waste management and recycling. Watch and learn how these places work together to manage the recycling and waste from Peace River.

What does the future hold for waste management? For recycling? In the final video in the series the Eco Centre offers some thoughts.