Peace River Airport (YPE)

Peace River Airport (YPE)

Peace River Regional Airport

Open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm

The Peace River Airport is situated minutes away from the Town of Peace River and scenic Peace River valley.

New Fees Effective January 1, 2019

Effective January 1, 2019 fees at the airport will be changing. Please see the list below for these new fees. For further information please see Bylaw No. 2039, Airport Fees, or contact the airport.


Landing Fee (kg)Charge per 1000kg or portion thereof
0 - 21,000$3.64
22,000 - 45,000$5.72
46,000 +$6.76

Exemptions to the above: Piston powered aircraft under 2,000kg, training flights and maintenance flights.

Airport Operation Fees (AOF)

Emplanning and deplaning scheduled passenger flights, and landing of non-scheduled flights are $10.

Exemptions to the Aircraft Operation Fees include: Piston powered aircraft under 2,000kg, training flights and maintenance flights.

Aircraft Parking

Aircraft Parking (kg)Charged after 6 hours
0 - 21,000$10.00
22,000 - 45,000$20.00
46,000 +$50.00
0 - 21,000$400.00
22,000 - 45,000$800.00
46,000 +$2,000.00

Old Fees Effective Until December 31, 2018


All planes landing at the Peace River Regional Airport must pay landing fees. The minimum fee is $15.00 and goes up based on aircraft weight. Please note that a piston aircraft under 2,500 kg, training flights and mechanical flights are exempt from landing fees.

Airport Operation Fees (AOF)

$10.00 per enplaning and deplaning passenger, with exceptions for pilot/co-pilot only, Medivac flights, no passengers, and piston aircraft under 2,500 kg.

Aircraft parking

Aircraft parking fees are charged for any aircraft parked on an apron or grassy area of the airport for more than six hours.  Monthly or annual parking is available if arranged in advance.

Scheduled Passenger Flights to Edmonton & Calgary

Regular scheduled air service, as well as charter service, provided by Northern Air provides direct passenger flights between Peace River and Edmonton International Airport as well as Peace River and Calgary International Airport.

Car Rental

For further information on National call (780) 624-2809 or visit their website

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