Cemetery Maintenance

Maintenance of Veterans’ Plots

The Veteran Grave Marker Maintenance program is operated by Veterans Affairs Canada. They contract local funeral homes to provide care services for veterans plots and grave markers. Locally this program is operated by Peace Valley Funeral home. They identify graves that need maintenance and handle any straightening cleaning, or replacing.

Maintenance of the Cemetery Grounds

The Town of Peace River hires a green space contractor every year to ensure that our cemetery grounds are properly maintained. For the last five years, the Town of Peace River has worked with the same contractor to cut the grass at the cemetery. Using the right equipment for the right job they are able to carefully maintain the grounds without risk to the grave markers.

Maintenance of Grave Markers & Mausoleums

While grave markers and mausoleums are made of stone, over time they can settle, sink, and occasionally fall over. Exposure to the elements can cause cracks, which can lead to portions of the grave marker breaking off. The responsibility for maintaining the grave markers rests with the family of the deceased or an authorized party, as noted in the Cemetery Bylaw. Because of the freeze and thaw and harsh elements in Peace River we recommend that authorized parties visit the cemetery at least once per year to check on any maintenance issues. If repairs or replacement are needed there are local companies who can provide those services.

This type of arrangement, where the municipality maintains the grounds and the family maintains the marker, is very common. The Town of Peace River’s Bylaw is consistent with the best practices of other communities.

Maintenance of Columbarium

The columbarium itself is maintained by the Town of Peace River, however, individual niche markers or plaques are maintained by the family or authorized party.

Access to the Cemetery

Cemetery access is permitted 24 hours a day seven days a week through the pedestrian gate. The vehicle gate is typically kept shut and locked, this is to prevent access to off-highway vehicles and reduce the risk of damage or vandalism. If you require access to the cemetery through the vehicle gate please call Town Hall in advance and we can arrange to have it opened or to provide key access, please note that key access is first come first serve.

    Page last updated May 27, 2021