Yard Waste Disposal Bins

Updated October 17, 2022

In late 2021, several changes were made at the Eco Centre, including the removal of the grass/leaves and brush/branches bins. We acknowledge the difficulty the removal of these bins may have caused residents who have yard waste and do not wish to travel to the landfill for disposal.

In lieu of these bins at the Eco Centre, two-yard waste disposal bins have been placed in the Centennial Parking Lot (9802 101 St.) for residents to dispose of their yard waste.

For 2022, these bins will be available until November 1st. They are being tentatively budgeted to return in 2023.

Bin Etiquette

These bins are free to use and are for residents only. We ask that residents use it for yard waste disposal only.

Please note that the only bags that are allowed in the bin are biodegradable bags that are brownish-gray in colour. If you are transporting your yard waste in regular bags, please empty the waste from the bags into the bin to keep the bin clear of contaminants.