Well, Peace River, it’s that time of year again…

We’ve been lucky so far, with warm weather and little snow (knock on wood), but we know that snowfalls are coming sooner or later. And snow means the return of on-street winter parking bans!

What is a parking ban and why does it exist?

Vehicles left on the street in wintertime can create problems for snow removal crews. We do our best to make sure that snow is cleared in a timely, effective manner, and having a vehicle or two blocking the street makes that difficult.

Unfortunately, the only way to deal with this if the vehicle sticks around and impedes snow removal is to remove the vehicle from the street or stop snow removal in that area.

We’re asking for your cooperation with parking bans. On-street parking bans may be enforced from November 15 to April 15.

A parking ban means no on-street parking allowed on any public roads between 8am and 5pm on certain days.

Generally speaking, if there’s been a snowfall within the past 72 hours; if there is more than 50mm of snow accumulation; and if we haven’t yet completed snow removal in an area, assume the parking ban is in place. A parking ban ends when the street is clear and the windrows are collected – until the next snowfall.

Learn more about how we conduct snow clearing here.

Also, check out where you land on this handy parking ban map!