Want to get rid of something big but don’t want it in the landfill?

Large item pickup is coming up for the Spring Cleanup May 27-31, but there’s another option for getting rid of your items that won’t see them ending up in a landfill.

The Put-And-Take – Front Yard Edition! – gives you the chance to put any unwanted (but still usable) items out the weekend before Spring Cleanup. Residents are then invited to go around town to see what others have made available for free to their neighbours. Whatever’s not taken will be picked up and disposed of during Spring Cleanup.

Put-And-Take items should be placed where waste carts are normally picked up, with a makeshift sign on them that reads “FREE.” You don’t want your neighbours picking out the wrong items, so make sure to remove any confusion by moving items you don’t want taken completely away from the curbside collection area, or clearly labelling those items with a sign that says “Do not take.”

So put out your items May 25-26, and scope out the town to see what treasures your neighbours may be offering!

Read more about the Spring Cleanup details here: https://peaceriver.ca/spring-cleanup-2024/