Town Council is set to consider third reading of proposed changes to Peace River’s Fees & Charges bylaw on Monday, March 27, 2023.

The proposed increases would impact fees and rates related to Corporate Services, Community Services, Protective Services, and Engineering and Infrastructure, to ensure cost recovery and to account for the recent surge in inflation rates.

Corporate Services fees apply to considerations including Town services such as copying and business listing, as well as Assessment & Taxation Services. Fees have been reviewed to ensure recovery of direct fees incurred by the municipality (e.g. NSF fees), industry practice and inflation.

Community Services fees and rates include those related to Home Support Services; Meals on Wheels; the Museum; and  Recreation & Facilities, including facility rental rates. Based on the direction of Council following first reading of the bylaw, fees were increased by a rate of no more than 4%, with some variations based on factors such as fee comparison to other services, timing of previous increases and operational efficiencies.

Engineering and Infrastructure rates apply to services such as road closure application fees, development application fees, and cemetery fees. Please note that no significant changes to rates in this category have been addressed at this time.

Protective Services fees apply to areas such as fingerprinting and criminal record checks, permit fees, false alarm response (no charge for first two false alarms), animal control fees, and impound fees, among others. Changes are based on industry research, with particular emphasis on fees and rates within the local region.

The Fees & Charges for 2023 Bylaw was given first reading on February 13, 2023, and subsequently brought to the March 6, 2023 Governance & Priorities Committee Meeting for discussion. Second reading of proposed changes was approved by Council on March 13, 2023.

All proposed fees can be seen in the March 6, 2023 Governance & Priorities Committee Meeting agenda.