LGBTQ2S+ Pride Month 2022

Posted June 9, 2022

Following a request from the Peace River Pride Society, LGBTQ2+ Pride Month has been officially proclaimed in the Town of Peace River. The Pride Flag has also been raised at the community flagpole located in the downtown roundabout and will remain raised until June 19.

We commend the Pride Society for their tireless advocacy on behalf of all LGBTQ2S+ people in Peace River and their work in building understanding and community.

Diversity and inclusion are more than just media buzzwords. They represent complex ideas and values that we should all seek to bring to our everyday life; and we thank the Pride Society for bringing these to life for the town. We have seen social growth in our community that is directly the result of the Society’s work and we want to encourage their ongoing voice in this area. The Pride Society represents a valuable – and valued – aspect of our diversity. We wish our LGBTQ2s+ community all the best with their event this year and extend our hopes for their future successes.

Events are largely occurring from June 9 – 11. Visit the Peace River Pride Society‘s Facebook page for more info.