High Streamflow Advisory

Posted July 9, 2020, at 11 am

Since July 5 river levels have dropped substantially. The high streamflow advisory is still in place.

For details on the advisory or Alberta River basins please visit: https://rivers.alberta.ca/.

Posted July 5, 2020 at 12:45 pm

Overnight river levels continued to drop since the last update at 6 pm on July 4 river levels have dropped approximately half a metre. Over the next 24 to 36 hours river levels are expected to continue to drop further. As a result of this, the green alert is rescinded, although the high streamflow advisory remains in effect.

While the high streamflow advisory is in effect we recommend that everyone avoid the boat launches and stay off the river. Strong currents and debris pose a hazard.

The Town of Peace River will continue to monitor river levels over the next few days. Any changes in the forecast will be shared publicly.

Overnight a number of flooded catch basins were cleared around town. There are still a few remaining in the low-lying parts of downtown. We will continue to clear those today.

For information on Alberta’s rivers and streams including current advisories please visit: https://rivers.alberta.ca

Posted July 4, 2020 at 6:05 pm

The forecast for the Peace River remains the same as earlier today. River levels have started to drop over the last few hours and are expected to continue to trend down. The trend downwards is partially because the water flowing out of the Smoky River is less than anticipated. As the river levels trend down there are likely to be peaks and valleys and the water may briefly rise a little bit before going back down; however, the water levels are still forecasted to remain below the top of the dike.

We are cautiously optimistic that the peak has passed and we will continue to see the river levels drop tomorrow.

That being said, the Town will continue to actively monitor the situation and will notify residents if there is a change, if things remain the same another update will be posted on Sunday. We will have staff watching the river overnight and will be maintaining several pumps around town to manage stormwater backup. There may be some barricades in place as well; do not move these, please.

Stay off of the river, it is extremely dangerous, stay away from the boat launches.

We are also aware of stormwater pooling around storm drains in some low-lying parts parts of town. This is due to the sudden downpour adding additional stress on the stormwater system.

We have called in extra staff, the fire department, contractors, pumps and vac trucks to address this.

Posted July 4, 2020 at 12:30 pm

We understand that this is a tense time and the people have concerns.

Our dike system is built to 320.5 metres above sea level, our emergency plan is based on the height of the river as measured at the gauge on the north west side of the river (data is accessible at https://rivers.alberta.ca).
As of 12 pm at the north end gauge the river was at 317.254m this puts the Town at green alert (a preparatory stage). It means we are preparing in case something happens. We have been in contact with contractors and have gotten pumps ready, in case they’re needed.

If there is an evacuation called we have a contingency plan regarding the north end, which would have people exiting the neighborhood along 98 street. We’ve been in contact with the bridge contractors over this.

We remain in Contact with Alberta Environment and Parks, they are monitoring the water basins upstream and providing us with forecasts.

Right now the current forecast sees the river rising to maximum of 317.3 – 317.9. Even if the water rises to the top of that range it will still be 2.5 metres below the top of the dike. Right now the water is still in the forecast peak area and is still behaving the way it was forecast to.

If there are any changes to the situation we will notify residents.

Posted July 3, 2020

The Town of Peace River continues to monitor water levels in the Peace River and are in regular contact with Alberta Environment and Parks. The most recent forecast from Alberta Environment and Parks has the river peaking at approximately 2.5m below the top of the dike overnight between July 4 and 5.

Please avoid low-lying areas such as the boat launches and stay off of the river at this time, thank you.

If the forecast changes we will provide updates.

Posted July 2, 2020

new High Streamflow Advisory has been issued for the Peace River from the Dunvegan Bridge to Fort Vermilion:

  • Flows along the Peace River may rise between 3 and 4 meters.
  • This is approximately 2.3 meters higher than it was in mid June.
  • Flows will be less than those recorded in 2011.
  • A campground upstream of the Town of Peace River may be affected, the Town of Peace River has been contacted.

Details on the advisory are available on the Government of Alberta’s Rivers website: https://rivers.alberta.ca

As a result of this advisory, Town staff will be monitoring storm gates, our stormwater system, and river water levels over the next few days.