Fire Prevention Week 2022

Posted October 11, 2022

Fire Prevention Week™ runs from October 9th to 15th this year, and the Peace River and County of Northern Lights Fire Departments remind residents that “Fire Won’t Wait. Plan Your Escape.™”

Fire spreads quickly, so it’s best to create a fire escape plan for your home ahead of time. Below is a list of steps to take in creating a home fire escape plan, as suggested by the National Fire Protection Association.

  1. Draw a map of your home. Include all windows and doors.
  2. Find two ways out of every room.
  3. Make sure you can use all your ways out.
  4. Make sure your doors and windows are not blocked.
  5. Choose an outside meeting place in front of your home.
  6. Go over your plan with everyone in your home.
  7. Plan to assist anyone who needs help getting outside.
  8. Test your smoke alarms to be sure they are working.
Visit for more information on creating a home fire escape plan.