Fall Cleanup

fall cleanup

This event has passed, however, we’ll see you in the spring for the spring cleanup!

Fall Cleanup

September 28 – October 7, 2016 (noon – 8:00 pm daily)

All garbage must be separated as per bin or pile. The following is a breakdown of the waste separation. If you have any questions, please ask the site supervisor. Please try to separate prior to arrival on site. For those who need a lift driving things down – members of the Glenmary basketball team are offering to drive cleanup items to the drop-off location as part of a school fundraiser, they will be doing drop-offs on Friday Saturday and Sunday. If you’re interested in hiring a student driver please call Glenmary High School.

Tires/Rubber – tire rims must be removed (there can be a few), or we cannot accept them. No rubber hoses (dry waste), just tires

Miscellaneous metals – all metals such as eavestroughing, swing sets, metal lawn chairs & tables, lawnmowers, bicycles, furnace duct work, ironing boards, bed springs, all BBQ’s, microwaves, etc.

Residential Waste – (anything that will leach or blow away) household garbage, treated wood, plastics, asphalt shingles, free blowing insulation & Styrofoam, oil stained pipes and hoses, empty oil containers is mixed with load, paper and books.

Wood (Untreated only) – dimensional lumber pieces, plywood, posts, shrubs and tree trimmings. NO PAINT OR STAIN

Dry Waste Material – (anything that will not leach) furniture, painted wood, plastics, drywall, insulation that will not blow away, vacuums clean plastic and rubber hoses, clothing, construction material, ceramic items

White Goods/Appliances – fridges, freezers, water coolers, stoves, dishwashers, hot water tanks, industrial microwaves


(TV’s, stereos, computers, copiers, printers)