Fall Cleanup 2021

Drop off items at the Peace Regional Eco Centre (7821 104 Avenue Peace River) from 9 am to 6 pm daily September 25th – October 2nd, 2021.

For residents of the town of Peace River.

2021 Fall Cleanup Information Guide

What: Town of Peace River 2021 Fall Cleanup!

When: Saturday, September 25th to Saturday, October 2nd. Open from 9am to 6pm daily.

Where: Peace Regional Eco Centre – 7821-104 Avenue West hill up by Atco Gas/Electric PH -780-624-1112

Please enter the site from the first road turn in.  Please exit site from the last road turn in.  Please drive up to the gate and STOP, wait for an attendant to direct you to where your items are to be dropped off.  DO NOT proceed through the gate without first obtaining assistance and being granted access, as it is very unsafe to do so.

There is a 10Km speed limit in place for both front and back areas on site.  Please watch for speed bumps on site, in front and back areas. NO cutting in line or accessing bins from the back exit gate.

NO smoking allowed on the entire Eco Centre premises.  NO flip-flops or open toe shoes permitted in the back compound area.

Children under the age of 12 and all pets must remain in the vehicle at all times while on site.

Four mattress/box spring sets per household, and five major appliances per household. Larger loads will be deemed business/commercial and directed to the Landfill.

Larger volumes/trailer loads of material types such as concrete, lumber, shingles, brush & branches and construction materials will be diverted to the Landfill.  An intercompany transfer sheet will be provided to those diverted and there will be no-cost to the resident.  It is easier to offload these larger volumes there and it keeps our bins available longer for other residents.

Oil and gas must be removed/drained from all items prior to drop off.

Tires must be separated from rims prior to drop off.

Our Put-N-Take will remain closed during and after the cleanup.

Please be patient while waiting in line for your turn to access the bins in the front and back areas.

Eco Centre staff will be checking for proof of TOPR residence via driver’s licence. They will be recording name and address only.

PRWMC reserves the right to divert residents and loads to the Landfill.

*** Due to Covid-19 and its associated risks, the Eco Centre staff will not be able to assist with the unloading of your items.  With staff direction heavier bulky items may be left beside the bins. Please follow social distancing rules.  Staff will ensure that there is no crowding in the back. Please follow staff’s direction as to PRWMC safety protocols in place while on site. ***

What: Residential Waste Materials Will Be Accepted & Where Does It Go?

The following bins and services are ONLY available to the public during the 2021 Fall Cleanup.

Metals Bin – all metals such as eaves troughs, swing sets, metal lawn chairs & tables, lawnmowers, bicycles, tire rims, furnace duct work, ironing boards, bed springs, all heavy metals, ballasts that are marked No PCB’s, BBQ’s, etc. Oil and gas must be removed from items prior to drop off.

Residential Waste Bin – (anything that will leach) household waste, treated, painted and stained wood, soiled and contaminated plastics, soiled or unrecyclable paper and cardboard items, oil stained pipes and hoses, empty oil containers, asphalt shingles, empty paint cans

Clean Wood Bin – dimensional lumber pieces, plywood, posts, pallets, etc.

Dry Waste Material Bin – (anything that will not leach) unusable furniture, drywall, all types of insulation, vacuum cleaners, tarps, pools & liners, rubber hoses, soiled clothing, construction material, ceramic, mirror, window pane and vehicle glass.

White Goods/Appliances Bin – fridges, freezers, water coolers, stoves, dishwashers, hot water tanks, furnaces, microwaves, etc. See above for limits per household.

Propane Tanks Pallet – All sizes larger than 1LB accepted during cleanup – Please empty and have valves open – NO bottles larger than 1lb accepted after clean up, these go to the Landfill.

Mattresses Bin – all mattresses and box springs, clean or unclean. See above for limits per household.

What: Recyclable Materials Can You Bring & Where Do They Go?

The Peace Regional Eco Centre operates a full-service recycling facility year-round for your convenience.  The following recycling bins and services are available and accessible to the public during and after the 2021 Fall Cleanup.

DO NOT drop off food soiled, unrinsed, moldy recyclable materials, such as used napkins, greasy pizza boxes and oil-soaked cardboard. These are considered waste items.  Please ensure you properly sort your recyclable items and place them in the appropriate bins. Not following proper recycling practices results in the contamination of otherwise clean recyclable materials that will now have to be landfilled.

Residential Cardboard Bunker – all sizes of clean household corrugated cardboard boxes only – Please flatten boxes – Please empty cardboard from bags – Please remove plastic and Styrofoam from boxes – No food, oil or other contaminated cardboard.

Ridged Plastic Bins – clean solid ridged plastics numbered 1 through 7 only – Please rinse and wash your containers out – NO other plastics such as toys, pools, tarps, car parts, siding, film plastics, or Styrofoam in this bin

Film Plastics Bins – clean shopping bags, garbage bags, shrink wrap, lumber wrap and furniture wrap – NO other plastics, rigid plastics or Styrofoam in this bin

Styrofoam Bins – clean white ridged and peanuts only – Please break down larger pieces – Please empty Styrofoam from bags and boxes – Please place other colored Styrofoam items in the film plastic bins – Please ensure Styrofoam is clean and free of any food residue – NO film or rigid plastics in this bin.

Office Paper Bins – clean good quality bond shredded and non-shredded paper – Please empty shredded paper from bags and boxes – NO colored paper, newsprint or mixed paper in this bin  

Tin Cans Bins – clean tin and aluminum cans only – Please rinse and remove labels – NO other metal items, such as aluminum roasting pans, pie plates, car parts, eve’s troughs, fire pits, stove grates, BBQ’s, wire, etc. in this bin

Mixed Paper & Newsprint Bin – clean glossy and non-glossy flyers, magazines, catalogues, phone books, envelopes, cereal boxes, pop boxes, etc. – Please empty from bags and boxes – NO mixed material items containing plastics or metals such as, coffee cans, other packaging material, tetra brick containers and some types of dog food bags

Clear Glass Igloos – all types of clean clear jar and non-refundable bottle glass – Please rinse and remove labels – NO ovenware, ceramics, window panes fish tanks or vehicle glass

Refundable Bottles Drum – all types of clean refundable beverage containers – drop in blue drum – NO bottle refund given at this location

Electronic Waste – TVs, monitors, printers, scanners, fax machines, laptops, towers, printer cartridges, mice and keyboards, other computer peripherals. Expanded ARMA program items: small home appliances, audio and video equipment, cell phones and other wireless devices, gaming equipment, toys, musical instruments, power tools and solar panels. https://www.albertarecycling.ca/recycling-programs/electronics-recycling-program/expanded-electronics/

Batteries Tray – All sizes and types rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries, cell phone batteries and lead acid vehicle batteries  

Household Hazardous Waste Tray – all types of residential household cleaners and chemicals, ballasts containing PCB’s and not marked No PCB’s, small helium tanks and 1LB propane tanks only – Please label and identify the contents of items – NO used automotive oils, filters and vehicle parts – NO agricultural products

Other Aerosols Drum – all other types of (non-paint) household aerosol spray cans, such as hair sprays, cleaners, chemicals, cooking sprays, etc. – drop into green labelled drum

Paint Aerosols Drum – all types of household aerosol spray can paints – drop into green labelled drum

Paint Tray – all types of household interior and exterior latex, alkyd and oil based paints, varnishes, urethanes, primers, undercoats, sealers, enamels and stains – Please ensure lids are on securely – NO empty paint cans, used painters brushes, rollers, trays and sticks

Fluorescent Light Bulbs Rack – all sizes and types of tubes and bulbs – NO incandescent or LED bulbs, these are a waste item

Tires Pallet – all sizes and types of passenger truck and car vehicle tires. Tires must be removed from rims, as they will not be accepted unless separated – NO tractor or heavy equipment tires, these go to the Landfill  Grass/ Leaves Bin – all household residential grass leaves, garden plants and flowers – Please empty bags and boxes – NO non-biodegradable and compostable bags, or boxes in bins – NO noxious weeds

Brush & Branches Bin – all brush and branches smaller than 2” in diameter – NO larger diameter branches and tree trunks accepted, these go to the Landfill. See above for limits on trailers/volumes.

Put – N – Take – The Put-N-Take will remain closed during and after the cleanup, until further notice.