Best One Yet

Over 90 grandparents adopted through Peace River FCSS program.

In an unprecedented show of holiday cheer the community of Peace River adopted over 90 grandparents this year setting a new record and nearly doubling the number of adopted grandparents from last year.

Each year, Peace River Family Community Support Services pair up donated gifts with seniors in need. In its inaugural year the program helped brighten up the holidays for almost 30 seniors, over the next few years it grew incrementally. Last year, with just over 50 seniors adopted, staff began wondering how much more it could grow, to be blunt, Town staff were astonished by the increased support for this program. Thanks to the kind and generous nature of Peace River’s people, organizations and businesses there’s quite a few seniors in town feeling better this holiday season.

On behalf of the recipients of the Adopt-a-Grandparent program, Peace River Senior Services, FCSS, and Peace River Community Service thank you for your generosity, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!