As the weather warms, ice and snow melt can result in rising water levels in the Peace River. While the Town of Peace River works diligently to prepare for all potential situations — including emergency preparedness of all kinds, beyond simply the scope of rising river levels — we strongly encourage residents to have a 72-Hour Emergency Preparedness Kit on hand.

These kits ensure that if you lose power and/or water for an extended period of time, or if there are home evacuations — again, none are anticipated at the time of this post being made — you have what you need for three days. Download your kit checklist here:

72-Hour Emergency Preparedness Kit checklist

This checklist was designed to be printed and kept as an easy reference. Beyond the information included therein, you may want to consider including entertainment (especially for those of you who have children), including games, books, and devices that don’t require electricity to operate. If you include devices using batteries, remember to keep batteries separate until they are needed, and to include spare batteries as well.

Additionally, basic multitools are always helpful in situations that require an emergency preparedness kit.

Please remember to store your kit in a waterproof container with a tight seal, in an easily accessible area of your home. Check your kit on an annual basis, ensuring that everything is in working order, and that there’s nothing that should be replaced or added to the kit.