Pictured Above: The 2018 Graduating Firefighters (Left to Right); Danika Jurczak, Tristan Sanchuck, Jonathan Provost, Will Gervais, Maria Wieler, Cameron Jackson, Megan Frizzell, Allanah Kalyniuk and William Halabisky (missing from photo is Matthew Steeves).

2018 Fire Department Graduation

On November 27th, Fire Chief Tim Harris welcomed Councilors, Firefighters and their families from Peace River and the County of Northern Lights to the Fire Department’s annual Graduation & Promotion Ceremony at Peace River Fire Hall #1.

Graduating recruits are those members who have completed all their probationary requirements to become fully responding members of the department. The graduates were presented with their membership coin, Firefighter epaulettes and officially “Rang” themselves into the department with one ring of the ceremonial bell. The group then pledged an Oath of Service as they began their firefighting careers.

Graduating this year are Peace River Firefighters; Megan Frizzell, Will Gervais, William Halabisky, Danika Jurczak, Allanah Kalyniuk, Jonathan Provost, Matthew Steeves, Maria Wieler, Weberville Firefighter; Tristan Sanchuck and Dixonville Firefighter; Cameron Jackson.

Firefighter Tristan Sanchuck receives his epaulettes from Captain Robin Differenz and Fire Chief Tim Harris.

Two members were also promoted to the role of “Engineer”. This designation is given to members who are qualified to drive and operate all the Fire Department vehicles – currently a Class 3 Drivers license and a Pump Operators course.  The new Engineers are Peace River Firefighters; Dane Cruickshank and Elysia Pan.

The Departments were also pleased to welcome Cornelio Esguerra to the role of Fire Department Chaplain. Cornelio, who is currently a Probationary Firefighter, was inducted into the Chaplain role at the ceremony.

Congratulations to all.