Water Line Repairs 97 Ave.

Updated on March 21 at 5:20pm

After excavating in a third location several metres west of the first break a 2.5′ long hole in the line was discovered. The damaged pipe was removed and a replacement section put in place. The line was test-pressurized and checked over a 15 minute period, no further leaks were discovered.

We are now in the process of sanitizing the line to bring back into service, we estimate water will be back on by 8:30pm tonight.

Updated March 20 at 10:20pm

The 97 Ave. water main was reactivated at 9:45pm this evening, however, shortly after a new (third) leak was detected.

As a result, the water line has been shut down for the night. Crews will diagnose and excavate first thing tomorrow.

Updated March 20 at 4:30pm

Repairs on the 97 Ave. water main are progressing, the system will be sanitized shortly and water service is expected back on by 10 pm tonight at the latest.

Additional Details

The first break that was identified on 97 Ave. was located on a service line branching off the main line to the Harcourt Law office. When that break was fixed the line was brought back into service.

Shortly after line was brought back into service a second leak was identified, this one was on the water main itself and further down the line near Main Street. The water main running down 97 Ave. dead ends just before main street. It was in the dead-end portion of the line that the second break occurred shortly after the line was brought back into service

Today after excavating the dead-end portion of the main, large amounts of corrosion were discovered at the end of the line. The best option was to cut the main before the portion that had been corroded and to recap the water main.

Updated March 20 at 8:15am

Water was turned back on yesterday, however, at about 11:30pm another break formed and water was shut off. Crews will be working on the line today, repairs are expected to take most of the day. We will update later this afternoon.

Updated at 4pm on March 19

Work is progressing on the repairs, right now we estimate water will be back on by 8pm tonight.

Updated 11:40am March 18

This week we are continuing to work on the water lines on 97 Ave. today, Monday, March 18, crews will be closing part of the road, near 100 St. to traffic as we complete some prep work for tomorrow. During our excavation around the break last week, corrosion was noticed on the main lines. This week crews will need to excavate the mainline and possibly replace part of the water main.

As a result, water service will be turned off along 97 Ave. during the morning of Tuesday, March 19, so that crews can work on the main water line. Repairs are expected to take the whole day. During that time residents and businesses located along 97 Ave. will be without water.

Residents may wish to fill a bathtub with water before the water is turned off, that water can be used to flush toilets during the outage. As repairs progress, we will update when we are able to determine when water service will be restored.

Updated 1:55pm March 13

The break is on a service line, workers were able to isolate the line. At this point, we are optimistic that water will not need to be shut off along 97 Street.

March 12, 2019

A water break has been identified along 97 Ave. Crews will be dispatched tomorrow (Wednesday) to begin work on it. Residents and businesses located along 97 Ave. between 100 St. and 98 St. may be without water for some time during Wednesday. We do not know right now what time exactly water will be impacted, crews will need to assess the situation. Updates will be posted when we know more.