Town of Peace River Property Assessment Inspection Cycle

All assessments are updated yearly to reflect changes in local market conditions. However not all properties are physically inspected annually. Our assessors KCL Consulting Inc. physically re-inspect approximately 20-25% of the properties in your municipality each year to recognize any additions, deletions, renovations, etc, all of which may have an effect on the value of the property.

The 2019 cyclical review will include properties throughout the entire municipality.

Current legislation states the assessor must collect property attribute and characteristics information. A credible property assessment is dependent on credible data. Historically, data has been gathered and validated almost entirely from on-site property inspections.

As the assessment industry evolves, it is now becoming common place to implement Assessment Request for Information (ARFI) surveys to improve the data collection process and allow for application of current valuation methodology.

You can expect a curbside inspection to update photos and note physical changes and possibly an assessment survey to incorporate the property owner in the data confirmation process.
If you have questions about the process please inquire with the assessor via our assessors Assessment Inquiry Form.