Town Council Update – May 14, 2018

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Advanced Paramedic Limited

Advanced Paramedic Limited presented to Council regarding Air Ambulance Services at the Peace River Regional Airport. To view the presentation tap or click the title above.

Alberta Municipal Affairs

A representative from Alberta Municipal Affairs presented to Council about an upcoming workshop on Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework (ICF). The ICF is required under the recent updates to the Municipal Government Act (MGA) and outlines how municipalities will share certain service costs. No presentation materials were provided though the presentation is available through the audio recording below.


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Bylaw 2031 – to Incur Indebtedness for the Remediation of the 99th Street Slide

Bylaw 2031 returned to Council for third and final reading. The Bylaw allows the Town of Peace River to borrow the funds necessary to complete the 99th Street Slide Remediation project.

Bylaw 2032 & Bylaw 2033 – Cannabis Definitions, and Cannabis Provisions and Districts

Bylaw 2032 adds definitions to the Town’s land use bylaw. The definitions include items such as, “Cannabis,” “Cannabis Retail Sales,” or, “Cannabis Production Facilities.”

Bylaw 2033 received first reading. That Bylaw stipulates where Cannabis Retail or Production Facilities can exist. Currently the Town of Peace River is seeking public input on the proposed legislation, details are available on our website. As the Bylaw moves into second and third reading feedback received will be Incorporated.

Bylaw 2034 – Advertising Bylaw

This Bylaw would change how the Town advertises statutory notices such as bylaws or public hearings. It would allow the Town to use

Bylaw 2035 – 2018 Tax Rate Bylaw

Bylaw 2035 was given first, second, and third reading to the Tax Rate Bylaw for this year. Tax notices will be mailed out later this month.

Bylaw 2036 – Rates and Charges Bylaw

Following the approval of the 2018 Operating and Capital Budget and the Passage of the Tax Rate Bylaw Council gave first, second, and third reading to the rates and Charges Bylaw. This will the Town to adjust our rates and charges for certain municipal services and facilities for the 2018 operating year. The new fees will come into effect June 1, 2018

Unfinished Business

Approval of 2017 Financial Statement

MNP presented the results of the Town of Peace River’s Audited Financial Statements. Tap or click the title above to view them.

Letter from AUMA, re: Request Letter of Support to Prime Minister regarding Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion

The Town of Peace River received a request from the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) requesting a letter of support be sent to the Prime Minister regarding support for the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion. Council approved the request and a letter will be sent. Tap or click the title above to view the request.

Request for Financial Support for a Memorial to Darcy Haugan

Town Council approved a request for a $5,000 commitment to a future memorial to former North Peace Navigators Head Coach and longtime Peace River resident, Darcy Haugan who was killed in the April bus crash involving the Humboldt Broncos. Tap or click the title above to view the request.

New Business

Nomination for Small Urban Rep on Mighty Peace Watershed Alliance (MPWA)

Deputy Mayor Elaine Manzer recieved the support of Council to run for Small Urban Rep on the MPWA board.

Public Participation Policy

This policy is mandated by recent changes to the Municipal Government Act (MGA) which requires Town Councils in Alberta to approve a policy outlining how and when Council will seek public input outside of statutory notices. Tap or click the title above to view the request and the Policy.


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Audio Recording of Council Meeting