Enjoy the fastest internet in Canada, at the doorstep of Alberta’s northwestern wilderness. More than video streaming the fibre connects Peace River with 3.2 billion people in a way never experienced before. Telus fibre optic internet is available to most homes, businesses, and apartments in the Town of Peace River.

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To find out how to get connected visit Telus’ Peace River info page.



Bandwidth offered by Telus Fibre offers the world new business opportunities for Peace River. Our long winters and cooler climate offer optimum conditions for server farming or cloud hosting. It opens up new pathways and new markets for Peace River merchants who can now sell directly to the world’s billions of internet users. Or for those looking to build the web or the applications we use – an ideal option for developers, programmers, and engineers to access the bandwidth they need.

Location, Location, Location

Combining urban amenities and lifestyle with rural charm and community, Peace River is a diamond, located north of Edmonton and Grande Prairie. An active community of nearly 7000 people spread along the banks of the mighty Peace River, one of Alberta’s largest rivers, it has served as a route of trade and commerce for more than 10,000 years. Supporting thriving industries in forestry, agriculture, and oil the Town of Peace River is a hub located where the Smoky River drains into the Peace.

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There aren’t a lot of places in the world where you can experience wilderness next to a stable fibre optic internet connection – in Peace River, you can.