(Pictured above: The Peace River at 2pm on April 6, looking north. Photo provided courtesy of Water Survey of Canada.)

Stay Off the River Ice

It’s never safe to go onto the Peace River when it is frozen. River ice is dangerous and unpredictable, rescuing people stranded on the ice is dangerous and puts our fire department in harm’s way. There is no reason for anyone to be on the ice ever. Now with breakup season approaching it is especially dangerous and unpredictable.

Peace River Fire Captain Mike Frayne outlines the risk, “it is never safe to walk on the ice on the Peace River.”

“The ice on the Peace River is not as strong or as predictable due to the way it is formed and due to the flowing water beneath it,” he said. “If someone were to fall through, they would most likely be swept under the ice cover and drown.”

For more info on the progress of the Peace River breakup visit: rivers.aberta.ca