Spring Cleanup

2016 spring cleanup

Spring Cleanup

May 12 – 22, 2017
Open 12 noon to 8pm daily

Centennial Parking lot – please enter from 98 Ave. via Main St.

What Can be Thrown Out?

Tires – tire rims must be removed, or we cannot accept them.
Miscellaneous metals – all metals such as eavestroughing, swing sets, metal lawn chairs & tables, lawnmowers, bicycles, furnace duct work, ironing boards, bed springs, all BBQ’s, microwaves, etc.
Residential Waste – household garbage, treated wood, plastics, asphalt shingles, free blowing insulation & Styrofoam, oil stained pipes and hoses, empty oil containers is mixed with load, paper and books.
Wood – dimensional lumber pieces, plywood, posts, shrubs and tree trimmings. NO PAINT OR STAIN
Dry Waste Material – (anything that will not leach) furniture, painted wood, plastics, drywall, insulation that will not blow away, vacuums clean plastic and rubber hoses, clothing, construction material, ceramic items
White Goods/Appliances – fridges, freezers, water coolers, stoves, dishwashers, hot water tanks, industrial microwaves

Don’t Forget the Recycling

Thanks to the wonderful folks at the Peace Regional Eco Centre, there will also be opportunities to drop off recyclables and e-waste. The eco centre operates year round for your convenience, and for added convenience will have bins downtown during the cleanup.

Cardboard – corrugated, packing boxes.
Newsprint – include non-glossy flyers.
Mixed Paper – glossy flyers, magazines, catalogues, phone books, envelopes, cereal boxes, pop boxes, etc.
Office Paper – good quality bond paper and shredded. Shredded in bags please
Tin Cans – rinsed out, labels removed.
Clear Glass – rinsed out, labels removed, no ovenware or ceramics.
Mixed Plastic – Numbers 1 thru 7, Eg: condiment containers, food containers, laundry containers, cleaner containers, buckets, etc.
Batteries – Car, truck, cat, rechargeable, alkaline.
Propane Tanks – Should be empty.
Fluorescent Light Bulbs
E-waste – TVs, monitors, printers, fax machines, towers, and all components