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Shaftesbury Trail Utility Realignment Project Info

Last updated September 22, 2021

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Project Overview
Project Components
Upper West Peace North Area Structure Plan
Project Impacts
Key Contacts
Tentative Project Plan
Work Hours

The Town of Peace River is continuing extensive water and sewer upgrades as part of the Building Canada Small Communities fund grant program. Construction will begin in 2021 on a variety of project components.

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Project Overview

Utilizing a $6 million grant from the Building Canada Fund (Small Communities) along with the Town’s Neighbourhood Infrastructure Renewal Program we will address infrastructure deficits in Lower West Peace and sewer main deficits affecting Lower West Peace and the Pines. Total costs for this project will be close to $13.5 million, with the Town of Peace River contributing $1 million via the Neighbourhood Infrastructure Renewal Program. The key project components are the water and sanitary line realignment, construction of a new lift station, and upgrades to Lift Station No. 4 in Lower West Peace.

August 25, 2021, Open House

A second Project Open House was held on August 25, 2021. Representatives from the Town of Peace River, Beairsto & Associates Engineering Ltd (Project Engineer), and McMillan Construction (Contractor) reviewed:

  • The revised 2021/2022 project scope,
  • The 2021/2022 construction schedule, and
  • Project impacts and coordination with residents

March 18, 2021, Open House

A project open house was held on March 18, 2021. Representatives from the Town of Peace River and Beairsto & Associates Engineering Ltd presented details about the project and answered questions from residents. The video recording of the open house is posted below:

Project Components

Water Line Realignment

A connection between two trunk lines will be constructed. This will connect the existing south trunk main, located at 109 Ave. and 89 St., to the northern connection point, which is adjacent to Old Highway 2 just south of Shaftesbury Trail. The existing infrastructure is a 300mm diameter water main. Following construction that main will extend along 89 St., through the Upper West Peace area and into the existing main on the east side of Old Highway 2. This will complete a major connection ensuring there is a dedicated 300mm trunk main connected to the water supply.

Sanitary Line Realignment

Several design reports commissioned by the Town of Peace River have identified future constraints on the sanitary lines in this area, including an existing force main along the east side of the Shaftesbury Trail near the river that needs to be decommissioned. Installation of a bypass will reduce load and provide additional capacity to the Lower West Peace and Upper West Peace neighbourhoods.

The bypass alignment runs from south of the Lower West Peace neighbourhood on the west side of Shaftesbury Trail and extends north through undeveloped lands to the area in front of the ski hill. It would then continue through the Upper West Peace neighbourhood crossing the Shaftesbury Trail and would tie into the line near the Pines. The line at the Pines was upgraded during a previous project. This line will utilize a combination of gravity and sanitary pressure main systems. Construction of the line will utilize horizontal directional drilling, open-cut trenches, and cased pipe crossing beneath Shaftesbury Trail.

New Lift Station

A new lift station will be constructed at the southern end of the connection to the trunk main bypass. This area is just south of Lower West Peace on the west side of Shaftesbury Trail. The lift station is necessary in order to proceed with a pressurized system through the area south and east of Old Highway 2. The topography in that area presents specific challenges to slope stability and constructability of a gravity system. The lift station will pressurize the system from the south bypass connection to the southern portion of the Upper West Peace areas where the system will then convert to a gravity system.

Upgrade Lift Station No. 4 in Lower West Peace

Lift Station No. 4 is that it’s reaching the end of its service life. The incorporation of the sanitary bypass will result in a reduction of sanitary flow through Lift Station No. 4 and the redesign and reconstruction are a necessary part of this project. Once completed the existing force main along the east side of the Shaftesbury Trail can be taken out of service and replaced with a connection to the gravity system in the Upper West Peace Area.

This portion of the project is funded through the Building Canada Small Communities Fund Project with a budget of $1.06M for this phase.

Upper West Peace North Area Structure Plan

The Upper West Peace North Area Structure Plan (UWPN ASP) has been drafted to make sure that the future land use of the area and the alignment of the infrastructure being installed through the Shaftesbury Trail Realignment is consistent and works together. The UWPN ASP was adopted in August 2021, consistent with this capital project. View the complete Upper West Peace North Area Structure Plan.

Project Impacts

Impacts on Landscaping and Natural vegetation areas

There will be areas disturbed by the construction process but these areas will be returned to a similar or better condition.

There will be a stretch of naturally vegetated area that will need to be removed along 89 St., between 109 Ave. to just past 107 Ave.  Once the construction is completed, this area will be re-established as a grass area with the potential for trees to be added as landscaping features. In addition to this area, there will be the need to remove some naturally vegetated areas south of 109 Ave. along 89 St.


The following communication methods will be used:

  • Notices and information via mail or email – If you would like to receive information via email please provide your email address via the form below:

    RenterProperty Owner

    EmailMailEither/No Preference

    Communication may come from any of the Project partners: The Town, Beairsto & Associates Engineering Ltd., or McMillan Construction or their subcontractors.

    Key Contacts

    Jim McCuaig, Director of Engineering & Infrastructure: [email protected]

    Kraig Gramlick, Project Engineer: [email protected]

    Tentative Project Plan

    Construction work for the project components discussed at Open House No. 2 was begun Summer 2021 and is expected to last through the 2022 construction season with completion by Fall 2022.

    The schedule will be impacted by weather conditions, unforeseen circumstances, and crew coordination/availability of each construction discipline. The general order of construction events is as follows:

    1. Site Preparation & mobilization.
    2. Establish signage and barricades for the immediate area of work.
    3. Clearing and topsoil stripping where necessary.
    4. Locating of the existing tie-in locations and elevations as well as hydra-vac locating of shallow utility infrastructure in the project boundary.
    5. Removal of surface concrete and asphalt material in the vicinity of underground works where necessary.
    6. Complete underground infrastructure installation (water and sanitary sewer mains) through an open cut, directional drilling and cased augering methodologies. Final testing of installed infrastructure through pressure, chlorination, bacteriological and video inspection testing.
    7. Replacement of surface infrastructure such as asphalt roadways and concrete structures.
    8. Remediation of areas impacted by the construction process. Remediation entails fine grading work, the placement of topsoil, seed and fertilizer in disturbed areas; the replacement of trees where removed and the reinstallation has a high chance of success.
    9. Overall site clean-up and equipment demobilization.
    10. The tentative Project Contract completion date for this phase of work is Fall, 2022.
    11. Landscaping work may extend beyond this date and into the following construction year depending on weather constraints and other factors

    Work Hours

    The general work schedule is six days per week (Monday through Saturday) and typically from 7 am to 7 pm with the exception of statutory holidays.

    The Contractor is required to abide by the Town’s noise bylaw.

    This schedule may vary depending on weather conditions, delays, and other unforeseen circumstances.