Sewer Blockage 101 St. & 114 Ave.

Sewer Blockage 101 St. & 114 Ave.

Updated December 19

Public works are still working to determine the scale and scope of the blockage in the sewer on 101 St. at 114 Ave. Today emergency locates were called in and equipment was lined up to begin digging. Crews will be doing some excavation around the site this afternoon and early evening, work will resume tomorrow morning as well. During this time a section of roadway along 101 St. will be closed for excavation, however, 114 Ave., 115 Ave., and 103 St. will remain open to public and emergency service vehicles. We continue to ask that residents in the area try to limit water use as much as possible. We will maintain a vacuum truck on-site with operators to prevent sewer backups.

Updated December 18

Our investigation into the sewer blockage on 101 St. near 114. Ave. will continue into tomorrow. We will have a vacuum truck with staff on-site through the night to keep the sewer moving, however, we ask residents on 114 Ave., 115 Ave., 116 Ave., 103 St. (from 114 Ave.), and 101 St. (from 114 Ave.) to limit water usage as much as possible as this will help us to limit the chances of sewer backup occurring in homes. The impacted streets are shown on the map below. We will have more updates tomorrow.

Posted December 18

Public Works is currently on-site at a sewer blockage in the South End near 101 St. and 114 Ave.
The blockage was identified around midnight and crews are working to clear it. Please avoid the area if possible as there are equipment and personnel. Updates will be provided when more details are known.