September 14, 2015 Council Highlights

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Lac Cardinal Regional Economic Development Board

Dan Dibbelt presented to council about the progress made by the Lac Cardinal Regional Economic Development Board (LCREDB) in producing a workplan and budget. Council heard that the LCREDB is looking at their long-term plan. With regards to that planning they have indicated that they would like member municipalities to consider signing a three-year contract with LCREDB to facilitate the long-term planning of the board. Council took it under advisement and will consider it during Council’s budget deliberations.

Bylaw 1958 – Taxi Bylaw

After a long process that involved consulting with local taxi companies as well as the RCMP and other local services, the new taxi regulation bylaw was given third reading. The effective date of the bylaw will be January 1, 2016. Among the changes, more rigorous mechanical requirements and inspection schedules, more strenuous driver checks are also mandated by the bylaw.

A letter from the Queen

The Town of Peace river received a letter from Buckingham Palace thanking us for commemorating Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. On Wednesday September 9, 2015 communities across Canada held events to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II becoming the longest-reigning British monarch in modern history. The Town wrote a letter to the Palace informing them that we were taking part in this event, as a thank you, Buckingham Palace responded thanking us for reminding the Queen of her trip to Peace Country in 1978.