Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Despite not being able to make it for the annual parade, Santa Claus will be coming to town on Dec. 19.

Mr. Claus has confirmed he will be making a special trip to Peace River because, he said, “The children here have been extremely good this year.”

For the last few weeks, the Town of Peace River and the Peace River & District Chamber of Commerce has been in contact with Santa’s planning elves regarding a trip to town. They said that Santa loved coming to town every November for the parade and he was determined to find a way to safely see everyone this year.

After a few meetings with the elves, a plan was worked out. What if the Fire Department offered Santa a lift and drove him through every residential street in town? This would give all the children in town an opportunity to see Santa from their windows, porch, balcony, or yard. It would give Santa an opportunity to visit and for everyone and to do so safely.

Well, Santa said YES and so did the Fire Department!

After working with the elves and the fire department we have finalized a route that will take Santa past almost every home in Peace River. Below you will find maps for each neighbourhood in town that will show approximately when Santa will be in your area. You can also follow Santa’s progress with the Fossil Communications Santa Tracker.

When Will Santa Be in Your Neighbourhood?

Please note times are estimates only, Santa’s departure was delayed by about 10 minutes so he may be a little behind the estimates.

Tap or click on the relevant map to find out when Santa will be in your neighbourhood. Each neighbourhood is divided into zones, with a time stamp on them. That time is the approximate time Santa will be passing through. Santa will drive down every street in each zone. Please note, there are a few locations that are shaded in red. These are locations where due to geography, space, and other factors Santa will be unable to go. If you live in one of those areas, please walk over to the nearest zone where Santa will be driving by.

Tips to make sure you see Santa

  1. Check the maps to figure out the approximate time Santa will be in your area. If you happen to be one of the handful of homes in one of the areas marked red please remember you’ll have to walk a block or so to one of the other zones to see.
  2. Santa will be sitting in the passenger seat of the Fire Truck.
  3. Follow his progress during the day on the Santa Tracker, however, please remember the tracker does not show progress in real-time. It will update with Santa’s last known location every two and a half to three minutes. So use it as a rough guide.
  4. Wait with your household somewhere where you get a good view of the street.
  5. Be mindful of public health measures, stick with your household only. Stay healthy and stay safe!