River Ice Observation Report No. 7

(Pictured above: Dense frazil pans flowing downstream from the DMI bridge (km 413) at 10:30 on January 13.)

River Ice Observation Report No. 7

January 13, 2017

A ground observation has located the Peace River ice front at km 418 (22 km downstream of the Town of Peace River) at 10:30 MST on January 13. The ice front has advanced rapidly since it was located by satellite on January 11. Since the morning of the 11th, the ice front has advanced approximately 11 km/day to its current position downstream of the DMI bridge. Temperatures along the Peace River have warmed considerably today, and are forecast to warm to above freezing through the weekend. Due to this warming, the ice front is forecast to stall somewhere downstream of the DMI bridge. Thermal modelling and ice observation cameras indicate that high concentrations of ice are still flowing in the Peace River. A sharp increase in temperature has the potential to cause consolidations of the ice cover as high concentrations of moving ice encounter the weakened leading edge of the ice front. Consolidations of the ice cover may cause elevated water levels in the vicinity and upstream of the consolidations.
Although the ice front is near the Town of Peace River, it is not expected to advance into Town until temperatures cool enough for ice production to resume. This is not expected to occur within the week.
The ice front on the Peace River is now approximately a week and a half behind its average location for this time of year.
Alberta Environment and Parks, and BC Hydro are in contact regarding river ice conditions and operation of the BC Hydro Peace River facilities.

Observation Details

  •  January 12, 2016 o Gauge records at Berreth Flats indicate that the ice front passed km 426.5 at approximately 15:15 MST (30.5 km downstream of the Town of Peace River).
  •  January 13, 2017 o A ground observation estimated the ice front at km 418 at 10:30 MST. This location is 5 km downstream of the DMI bridge, and 22 km downstream of the Town of Peace River.

The next observation report is expected to be posted on or before January 18th