River Ice Observation Report No. 1

(Pictured above: Frazil pans at the Town of Peace River (km 394) on December 8, 2016.)

River Ice Observation Report No. 1

December 9, 2016

Satellite images and observers along the Peace River indicate that freeze-up in the lower reaches of the river has begun. A satellite image located the ice front at km 924 (92 km downstream of Fort Vermillion) at 18:32 MST on December 7th. Ice production on the Peace River has been later than average this year due to relatively warm temperatures in mid to late November. Last week’s cold weather has caused a significant increase in ice production, and large floating frazil pans and rafts can be seen all along the Peace River. Ground observations indicate that the ice is still flowing at Fort Vermillion and in the upstream reaches. Once the ice cover advances past the Vermillion Chutes (near km 915), or bridges upstream of the rapids to form an intact ice cover, the ice cover may advance rapidly with the well below seasonal temperatures forecast for next week. The next Peace River satellite image is scheduled for December 14th.

Alberta Environment and Parks, and BC Hydro are in contact regarding river ice conditions and operation of the BC Hydro Peace River facilities.

Observation Details

  • December 7, 2016
    o Based on a Sentinel 1 radar image, the ice front was approximated at km 924 at 18:23 MST (92 km downstream from Fort Vermillion).