Request for Quotes: Repair and Painting of NAR Caboose

Posted August 2, 2022


The Town of Peace River is requesting quotes from qualified contractors to repair and paint the Northern Alberta Railway Caboose located at the NAR Station, Peace River.

Project Specifications

“Northern Alberta Rail Caboose Repair and Painting”

    • Repair of NAR Caboose;
      • Sealing of all doors and window access
      • Cleaning and/or Removal of mouldy boards within the caboose
      • Repairs of holes and damage to carriage
        • Must use only pressure treated products.
      • Old roofing material removed, and a new roof laid
      • Any other “cosmetic” repairs
      • Cleanup and removal of all trash
    • Painting of NAR Caboose;
      • Use of Weather-resistant paint
      • Colours must match original scheme of Caboose
      • Retaining and repainting any symbols/signage on Caboose for designation purposes
      • Cleanup and removal of all trash

Require Pre-Quote Site Visit

Contact Daniel Stewart, Heritage Coordinator at 780-624-4261 to book a site visit prior to submitting your quote.

Questions can be directed to; Daniel Stewart, Heritage Coordinator at [email protected] or office phone 780-624-4261

Quote Requirements

Quotes should break out and include the following information:

  • Cost for all materials/supplies needed for repairs
  • Cost for paint, brushes, etc.
  • Labour cost
  • Other expenses
  • Proposed date of projects start and finish and indication of ability to complete in 2022.

Quote Submissions

Quotes can be sent to the following;

Daniel Stewart, Heritage Coordinator
Peace River Museum, Archives and Mackenzie Centre – 780-624-4261
[email protected]

Quote Deadline

Friday, August 19, 2022