Request for Quotes: Planter Box Construction & Delivery


Request for Quotes: Planter Box Construction & Delivery

Issued: January 8, 2021


The Town of Peace River is requesting quotes from qualified contractors to construct three to five planter boxes to be located at 10101 – 100 Street, along the eastern edge of the property.

Project Descriptions:

The Town requires three to five planter boxes to be placed along the eastern edge of 10101 – 100 Street. Planter boxes should be a combination of pressure-treated wood and black metal. Planter boxes may be constructed on-site or delivered to the site.

The project must include

  1. Supplying all new materials and equipment necessary for the construction of the planter boxes.
  2. Designing, constructing and delivering the planter boxes to the site.

The planter boxes must be:

  1. Dimensions:
    1. Height: 1.2 metres in height from the ground, with a 60-centimetre deep planter box (i.e. a false bottom).
    2. Length: 2 to 3 metres (all planter boxes should be the same length – please specify the proposed length).
    3. Depth: 75 centimetres to 1 metre in depth – Please specify the proposed depth.
  2. Able to be moved with a skid steer. A pallet foundation is acceptable.
  3. Any accent hardware should be black.

Quote requirements:

Quotes should break out and include the following information:

  • Description of proposed materials and their cost.
  • Cost per planter
  • Labour cost
  • Delivery cost
  • Other expenses
  • Proposed date of project – start and finish
  • Indication of ability to complete no later than May 14, 2021
  • Contractor qualifications, demonstrating the ability to complete the project
  • Town of Peace River Business Licence number


The Town is not bound to accept any submitted quote.

The Town will evaluate quotes based on proposed materials, timeliness, cost and contractor qualifications.


Quotes can be sent to the following;

Alisha Mody, Manager of Planning and Development
Please quote RFQ-Planter Boxes in the email subject line.

Quote Deadline: 12:00 pm, February 5, 2021