Request for Quotes: – Message Post Renewal

Posted July 3, 2020


The Town of Peace River is requesting quotes from qualified contractors to replace the body of two message posts located at two Main Street locations;

  • 9604 – 100 Street.
  • 10101 – 100 Street.

Project Descriptions

The message posts provide a space for community groups and individuals to place a variety of public notices, attaching posters via tape or staple. The body of the posts are in severe disrepair and must be replaced. The Town proposes to replace the current body of the posts with wooden “walls” in a hexagon or octagon format to fit within the current base and cap of the message posts, to provide a more resilient and long-term structure.

The message posts are approximately 7 feet, 8 inches in height (top to bottom) and 22 inches in interior diameter. The successful quote must confirm dimensions prior to construction.

The project must include:

  1. Supplying all new materials and equipment necessary for construction and installation.
  2. Designing, constructing and installing a new message post body at each location.

Quote Requirements

Each site (project) should be quoted separately. Quotes should break out and include the following information:

  • Materials cost and description.
  • Labour cost.
  • Installation cost.
  • Other expenses.
  • Proposed date of projects start and finish.
  • Indication of ability to complete no later than October 1, 2020.
  • Contractor qualifications, demonstrating ability to complete the project.
  • Town of Peace River Business Licence number.


The Town is not bound to accept any quote.
The Town will evaluate quotes based on proposed materials, timeliness, cost and contractor qualifications.


Quotes and questions can be sent to the following;
Alisha Mody, Manager of Planning and Development
[email protected]

Please quote RFQ-Message Post Renewal in the email subject line.

Deadline to submit: 12 pm July 22, 2020