Request for Proposals: Material Spreader

Request for Proposals: Material Spreader

Closes August 2, 2017 at 2pm MST

Addenda and attachments are posted if issued. It is the firm’s responsibility to ensure that the entire RFP and associated links, in its latest version, is reviewed prior to due date of a proposal. To receive a hard copy of the RFP or addenda, please contact William Stewart, Airport Manager via email

The Town of Peace River is interested in the acquisition of a trailer mounted material spreader to be used in the operations of the airport. Generally, the vehicle is used during winter months to remedy icy runway conditions. This vehicle is to be used exclusively at the Peace River Regional Airport.

This RFP states the instructions for submitting proposals and the procedure and criteria by which a vehicle may be selected.

The Town of Peace River uses life-cycle costing to determine the best value for the Town. Although the RFP only asks for the cost to provide a vehicle, bidders are invited to provide information on expected annual operating costs including fuel costs, maintenance (planned or otherwise), warranty information and any other items that will be required to perform this analysis within the bid submission. Substantiation or independent corroboration of these claims would support a Suppliers bid.

Download RFP Package (PDF – 318KB)

Download Appendix ‘A’ (PDF – 104KB)