Public Works Update

Public Works Update

April 3, 2018
Over the long weekend, crews were busy responding to emergency infrastructure repairs, as a result, some regular maintenance items such as snow removal and pothole filling have been rescheduled until after these high priority repairs are completed.

Sanitary Sewer

A major sanitary sewer line running along River Road is backing up. To prevent a break the sewer line is being flushed, we currently, have two Public Works crews, on day and night shifts, working to flush and clear the line. The work involved is slow going and is expected to last the rest of the week.

Water Break

On Saturday, March 31 crews were called out to repair a water line that had ruptured near River Road and 84 Ave. By 2 pm the next day the break was repaired. It is now being monitored for integrity.

Bridge Construction

Crews working on the new bridge project have once again reopened the berm along River Road. This was done with the permission of the Town of Peace River. Recent cold temperatures have slowed the melt of the ice front, allowing crews more time to work on the project before closing it up for the breakup period.

The Town of Peace River, as well as the Province of Alberta and the bridge contractors, are watching ice front progress. Once the ice has receded as far as Elk Island the berm will be repaired to original specifications and will not be reopened until after breakup and high water.