Public Notice of Bylaw

Public Notice of Bylaw

Posted June 9, 2020

Public Notice to the electors of the Town of Peace River in the Province of Alberta Sections 231, 251, and 258 of the Municipal Government Act.

The Town of Peace River proposes to pass the following Bylaw to provide for debenture borrowing in the amount of $630,000 to finance the development and construction of capital project listed below.  The public may inspect the proposed Bylaws at the Town Office during regular office hours.

Bylaw Number Capital Project Borrowing Amount
2074 Shaftesbury Sewer Main – Pt 1 $630,000

The electors may submit a petition with respect to the advertised Bylaw calling for a vote of the electors to determine whether the proposed Bylaw should be passed. The petition must meet the formal requirements of Sections 221-226 of the Municipal Government Act and be filed with the CAO within 15 days after the last date the proposed bylaw is advertised. The last date of the advertisement for this Bylaw is June 24, 2020. Any petition will be public information. If you have any questions regarding the petition process or the use for the petition, please contact the Finance Manger at 780-624-2574.

Dated at the Town of Peace River, in the Province of Alberta, this 09th day of June, 2020.

Christopher Parker

Chief Administrative Officer