The Peace River Boating Association has proposed several improvements to the Lower Peace Boat Launch, including:

  • Widening the access by brushing back some existing shrubs on the river side, and adding more gravel to allow vehicles to pass.
  • Creating an area near the dyke to store the dock during the winter months.
  • Creating a picnic area by removing trees and leveling the identified location for up to six picnic tables and additional garbage cans.
  • Tree removal of dead and leaning trees.
  • Addition of parking barriers adjacent to proposed new picnic site.

Orange: Brushing to widen the access.
Green: Location of tree and shrub removal for proposed new picnic area.
Blue: Location of tree removal for storage dock area.

The Town of Peace River has reviewed the plans, and has coordinated any required approvals from provincial and federal government authorities. The Peace River Boating Association has received a grant for this project, which will fund the project in full

The dock and picnic areas will be set back a minimum of three metres from the built-up dyke, and a minimum of 4.5 metres from the outfall (drainage near the staircase). These setbacks will maintain the existing trees and shrubs.

The size of the picnic area is flexible, currently estimated at 500 square metres. The size can expand or contract. There will be no fire pits added to the picnic area.

Prior to the approval of this project, the Town of Peace would like your feedback! Public comments will be incorporated into the final design plan.

Please use the comment box below to provide your feedback.