Primary Care Centre – March Update

This information is being shared on behalf of Northern Sunrise County who is leading construction on this project. The Town of Peace River is a strong supporter of this project with a commitment of $552,203.13 to help build the facility.

March 11, 2019

The Peace River Primary Care Centre is slowly making its presence felt on the west hill. A drive by the new clinic gives you a good idea of what the final product will look like. The clinic has been hit with delays due to the ongoing cold weather. The biggest delay has been in applying the tar to the roof to seal off the building, which has slowed down interior work. It has just been too cold. However, with the recent change in the weather we anticipate making up lost time and have not altered our plan for a fall 2019 opening. There are to-date no foreseeable cost overruns, so the project is on budget.

  • Installation of the roofing is about 50% complete,
  • Insulation is in and heat is on in half of the building as preparations are made to spray foam in this part of the building early next week,
  • Exterior siding starts early next week,
  • Electrical rough in for the exterior walls is complete,
  • Interior drywall and framing will begin around the end of next week.

While the construction progress is visible, there is also much work continuing behind the scenes to ensure this clinic is completed on time and meets the highest expectations.

Behind the Scenes Update

Additional project work continues behind the scenes:

  • Interior design colours and materials have been selected (flooring, cabinets, countertops, etc.),
  • Engineers have completed the structural framing inspection,
  • Light fixture selections have been given final approval by engineers,
  • Discussions continue regarding furniture, medical equipment and accessories to complete the interior.

It is exciting to see activity and progress on the site of the Primary Care Centre and we remain confident that our team will complete this project on schedule.