Pothole & Road Repair

Pothole & Road Repair

June 13, 2018
Winter is always hard on our roads and this year was no exception. In addition to the regular wear and tear, there were also several major water breaks that have left sections of roadway unpaved.

The Town of Peace River is currently in the process of retaining a contractor to complete the roadway repairs left over from winter’s water main breaks on Main Street. We anticipate starting these repairs near the end of the month. Simultaneously we expect to start on pothole repair and crack sealing on the rest of the Town’s streets.

In order to properly repair a pothole, we need several days of dry weather before and after to ensure quality. If the area is not completely dry before repairs then the moisture will be trapped and when the weather turns cold it will freeze and pop the repair out, causing it to fail. If it’s not dry enough after the repair then moisture can seep into the asphalt where it will cause the same problems when the weather turns cold.

In the interim, we are monitoring potholes in town and filling them with gravel and sand as a temporary measure. Unfortunately, when it rains the temporary pack can run off with the rainwater. Potholes that are reported are tracked and will be repaired. If it is a pothole located on a roadway maintained by Alberta Transportation, we would ask that residents contact Alberta Transportation directly by phone at (780) 624-6280. Alberta Transportation is responsible for; Highway 744, including Main Street and the Traffic Circle; Highway 2 including all the on and off ramps and the bridge; and Highway 684, Shaftesbury Trail.

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