PR100 Event Toolkit

Centennial Tool Kit

What is a Centennial Toolkit?

A toolkit is a bag of “PR 100” Centennial-themed products to help you celebrate this momentum year at your event!

The Toolkit is available to community not-for-profit organizations and community groups that are hosting an event or community activity in 2019.  Your event must have a demonstratable connection to the Town’s Centennial or have a Centennial Theme.

Your event must meet the following criteria;

  • Open/available to the public
  • Be held within the year of 2019
  • Be held within the Town of Peace River – municipal boundaries
  • Provide rationale for a minimum number of attendees

Community Groups can only obtain/apply for one Toolkit throughout the year.  However, the kit could be used for multiple events.  Every event must be registered on the Town of Peace River Community Calendar.

Groups that do not receive a kit are still encouraged to register their events – to help promote your event and the centennial year!

Applications will be received on an ongoing basis up to November 30th, 2019.   Centennial Kits will be available on a first come first serve basis, and until supplies are exhausted.

How to apply and access the Toolkit?

It is a first come first serve basis so please plan early and apply just as early. 

Step 1: Submit your request online, via the form below.

Step 2:  Register your event on the Community Calendar.

Step 3:  Accepted applicants will be contacted to pick up your Tool Kit at the Community Services Office.

Step 4:  Add the PR100 logo to all your advertising and marketing – posters, facebook page, newspaper ads etc.

Step 5:  On the day of your event

  • Use the PR100 Swag
  • Set up Centennial Picture Frame (if you want to use them)

What is included

The kit will include items to assist your group with the promotion of your event.  These include the following;

USB Key with:

  • Digital PR 100 Centennial Logo-Standards and guidelines to be added to your event advertising.

Marketing Tips on how and when to promote your event. Or Centennial ideas;

  • Have a display of photos of your organization over the years.
  • Town’s centennial-themed colours are purple and yellow – maybe you would like to tie into this colour scheme – all Town flowers will reflect this colour scheme in 2019.

The kit will also include some fun Centennial product items that you can use at the event;

  • PR100 Tattoos
  • PR100 Balloons
  • PR100 Stickers
  • 2 Outdoor banners (Only available for large outdoor events and must be returned after your event).
  • Centennial Picture Frame – for a Photo Booth (Must be returned after your event).

Apply for the Centiennial Tool Kit