Community Peace Officer Patch

Peace River Patrol Services

Contact a Peace Officer

To make a complaint or for general inquiries please phone or email Peace River Patrol Services via the contact information below:

Phone: (780) 624-7173
Email: [email protected]

For emergencies phone 9-1-1

Hours of Operation

Shift schedule varies from week to week, however, typically Peace Officers are on shift seven days a week.

About Peace River Patrol Services

Created in 2017, the Town of Peace River Patrol Services provides municipal enforcement of traffic laws, bylaws, and acts as an educational resource for the community. Other areas of focus and support include assisting with community events, classroom presentations, and assisting the Fire Department and emergency response. Our goal is to ensure Peace River is a pleasant place to live, through community involvement and positive visibility.

Areas of Focus

We are a supplemental service with a primary focus on traffic safety. Some other areas of focus include:

  • Commercial Vehicles,
  • Off-Highway Vehicles,
  • Animal Control,
  • Taxi Inspections,
  • Nuisance and Unsightly Properties,
  • Noise Control,
  • Public Education and Safety,
  • Parking Complaints,
  • Environmental Protection and Enhancement,
  • Tobacco and Smoking Reduction,
  • Trespass, and
  • Traffic Safety Act.

Peace River Peace Officers are Responsible for the enforcement of Peace River Bylaws and various provincial legislation and regulations. Municipal Bylaw can be found on our website: Bylaw | Town of Peace River

Municipal Bylaws

Bylaw education and enforcement is one of the main responsibilities of the Peace River Patrol Services. Some of the commonly investigated bylaws include animal control, nuisance complaints, parking issues, and noise complaints.

Ticket Payment

Bylaw Violation Tickets may be paid at the Town Office located at 9911 100 St. in Peace River. Unpaid Bylaw Violation Tickets will be converted into Provincial Tickets which are payable at any courthouse in Alberta.

Investigation Process

In order to properly investigate a bylaw complaint, an investigating officer may need some of the following information.

  • Your name, number and address
  • Date, time and duration of the issue,
  • A description of the issue,
  • Location of the issue, and
  • Any other specific information you can provide such as vehicle description, license plate, description of animal, noise, etc.

The collection of any personal information related to an investigation is governed by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act. At times the investigating officer will need you to produce a signed statement and you may need to attend court. If this is the case the Officer will inform you of that and explain the process to you.  If you are required to be a witness in a court proceeding your legal name may be released to the defendant.